appbot RILEY

Problems During Installation

질문The red light is blinking when the robot is turned on.아래로

   ▶The robot may be initially discharged. Did you try charging?
   ▷Yes. I was put on the charging station and it keeps blinking red.

   ▶When charging, does the charging LED light up purple?
   (The charge LED is the LED on the right when you look at the robot in front.)
   ▷Yes. The purple light is on the charge LED but it still flashes red light.

   ▶It takes about one hour for the robot to operate in the discharge state.
   ▶If it does not work after recharging, please contact to customer center.


질문 Robot can not connect after entering home Wi-Fi password.아래로

   ▶Does the robot say "I CANNOT FIND WIRELESS NETWORK" during installation?
   ▷I do not know.
   ▶Your home Wi-Fi password may be incorrect. Please check the password again before
      you connect.

   ▶If you still can not connect, please reset your robot and setup again. At this time,
      please check the LED color changes this time.
   The right way of LED color change,
   Yellow-> Whilte-> Purple-> Blue-> "I'm Ready"

   ▶Reset Again in Yellow: Home router is not connected to robot.
   →The connection between the robot and the router has failed. Please check your home
      router password.
   →Please check the small letter and capital letter.

   ▶Reset again in white: Robot is not connected to the internet
   →Please check if your home router set up with any firewall.

   ▶Reset again in purple: Server authentication failed.
   →There is a problem with product verification. Please contact customer center.


질문I continually got the strange image when I run the APP.아래로

   ▶The Android phone has the ability to prevent wifi that can not be connected to the
   ▶Please check if the APPBOT WiFi remains connected to your smartphone wifi setting.
   ▷APPBOT wifi is connected and it is disconnected automatically.
   ▶Please check if the function that similar to "Abnormal AP Disconnection Function" is
      activated in the smartphone wifi setting.

   ▷APPBOT wifi was appear before and it suddenly gone.
   ▶There seems to be a problem with the robot wifi. Please contact to customer center.


질문The robot is connected, but the screen is strange.아래로

   ▷The robot is connected well, but the screen comes out with strange color.
   ▶Please close your app and connect the robot once again.
   ▷The image still looks strange.
   ▶Please contact customer service center.

   ▷The robot's other optional features are working but it does not move.
   ▶To move your robot, you have to press and hold the joystick.
   ▶Press the joystick and move it.