appbot RILEY

Problems in Use

질문When I enter the robot password, it says "I can not find the robot".아래로

   ▶If your robot is next to you, please check the color of LED.
   ▷The robot LED is green.
   ▶It looks like your robot has been reset. Please setup your robot again.

   ▷No. Robot is at home and I'm outside.
   ▶Please check if the robot is discharging state.
   ▶If the robot is discharged, the smartphone says "I cannot find the robot".
   ▷The robot is still charging, but I can not connect.
   ▶If so, is your smartphone is well connected to the internet?
   ▷Yes. The smartphone is connecting to the Internet without problems.

   ▶If the robot is not next to you, please contact the Customer Center and tell the robot
      name APPBOT-XXXXXX (6 digits).
   ▶You can check the status of the robot with the robot name.


질문Robot was working fine, but it's not responding after undocking. 아래로

   ▷I've used my robot well, but it doesn't have any response since I was undock it.
   ▶Can you please turn off and turn it on again?
   ▷I do not get any response even if I press the power button.
   ▶Then, when you put your robot on the charging station, do you get a purple light?
   ▷No, it just keeps a blue light.
   ▶Please contact to customer service center.


질문After entering the home wifi password, I entered the robot password 1234,
       but the progress bar stops in the fourth column.아래로

   ▶Robot and smartphone's communication is not smooth. Does your smartphone connected
      via slow communication such as 3G?
   ▷No. It is connected with LTE / wifi.
   ▶Do you use a rate plan that limits the speed of data communication after a certain amount
      of use?
   ▷No. The internet connection is working very well.

   ▶Are you using a portable wifi?
   ▷No. I am using just a common home Router.

   ▶A home router installed in your home may have experienced a temporary failure.
      Please turn the router off and on again.
   ▶If still not working, please contact to customer center.


질문Charging station operation is abnormal.아래로

   ▶When you disconnect and reconnect the cable, is the light flashing and the station rotate?
   ▷No. There is no response. There is no light.
   ▶The adapter may have a problem. Please contact to customer center.

   ▷The light is flashing but it does not rotate.
   ▶The station motor may be defective. We will proceed AS.

   ▷The sound of the station is too loud when it rotate.
   ▶The station motor may be defective. We will proceed AS.

   ▷The station is only rotating in one direction.
   ▶The station sensor may be defective. We will proceed AS.

   ▷The golden pin stuck inside and does not go out.
   ▶Please contact to customer center for your AS.


질문Automatic docking does not work well.아래로

   ▷When auto-docking, the robot rises to the top of the station and it caught by the golden
   ▶If there is a lot of dust on the robot tires, this problem may occur.
   ▶We will send you a slip-resistant pad to fix the problem.

   ▷Automatic Docking Function is not working.
   ▶Does charging station is visible on the screen and the distance of the robot and charging
      station is less than 50cm?
   ▷Yes. The distance between the robot and the station is close enough and the station is
      visible on the screen.
   ▶Then pelase check if night vision funtion is working.
   ▶If the night vision function does not work, the charging function also has the problem.
      Please contact customer center.

   ▷The robot will not charge even if it is on the charging station.
   ▶While charging, there is a lightning bolt image on the application battery indicator.
      please check.


질문Robot's drive motor / neck motor is abnormal.아래로

   ▷The robot's other optional features are working but it does not move.
   ▶To move your robot, you have to press and hold the joystick.
   ▶Press the joystick and move it.
   ▷The robot can not go straight and it rotates only in one direction.
   ▶Please contact to customer center.

   ▷The robot head is not working well.
   ▶Please contact to customer center.