appbot RILEY
We have collected the most frequently asked questions from customers.
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질문Are there additional costs after purchasing the product?아래로

답변No additional costs are incurred. You can download
       a free application and it is easy to install and use.
      However, if data rates are not unlimited, we recommend you to use it in Wi-Fi zone.

질문Is there anything I need before purchasing?아래로

답변The appbot is a product that works with the installed wireless router.

질문Is it accessible from overseas?아래로

답변Yes. You can check your house while you are traveling overseas.
       But you are able to connect to the robot when you have internet connection with your
       smart phone.

질문How does Appbot Riley store photos and recordings?아래로

답변appbot Riley can save videos and photos directly to your smartphone while user is running
        the application and connected to the robot. In the state that motion detection is executed,
        the image is saved up to 5 videos of 10 seconds when motion is detected even if the
        application is not executed.

질문Can I connect to multiple Appbot Rileys from the same smart device?아래로

답변Yes, you can connect to an unlimited amount of Appbot Rileys, but not at the same time.

질문How long is the battery life?아래로

답변Typical use of Appbot Riley will result in 2 hours of battery life. If the battery is low,
       the notification text will be sent from below 20%.
       You can also monitor your house while charging with 360 degrees rotating chargaing

질문What is the warranty?아래로

답변appbot Riley comes with a 1 year warranty.

질문What are the network securities in place?아래로

답변We require a two-step password and video data also encoded for security.

질문Can Appbot Riley be programmed to navigate on its own?아래로

답변Riley can only move automatically with function of automatic docking.
       Basically, it is a product that users remote control.

질문Does it work well in dark space?아래로

답변 The appbot is equipped with a power infrared LED,
       which allows nighttime monitoring without any problems. However,
       depending on the surrounding environment and the intensity of the light,
       different image quality may occur.

질문Can I operate Appbot Riley from my PC desktop?아래로

답변appbot Riley can be used with Android phone, iPhone and Tablet PC.
       But it is not supported on PC and laptops.

질문Can Appbot Riley send message alerts when motion is detected?아래로

답변Yes. Appbot Riley will send a text message alert. Also, the video of the moment when
       motion detected is stored in the memory inside the robot.

질문Is Appbot Riley waterproof?아래로

답변The APBOT is for home use. Waterproofing is not supported.

질문Can I zoom in/out with Appbot Riley camera? 아래로

답변Riley does not include the image zoom function.

질문What is the voltage rating for the charging dock?아래로

답변The voltage is 100-240v support.

질문How big is the sound volume in the two-way conversation feature?아래로

답변The conversation sound is enough to communicate in a room and you can communicate
       more clearly at the close range with the robot. And since it is a product that battery-
       powered, some of noises may occur from the smartphone.

질문Do I have to set up again from the beginning when I turn the robot off and turn it on again?아래로

답변No. When you turn off and turn it on again, the device will reconnect itself to the Internet.
       However, if you press the reset button, you have to set it again from the beginning.